Whether you are considering a pilots license or just want a hands on experience flying an aircraft,
the discovery flight is for you. A 25 minute flight exposing you to the excitement of aviation with 
fantastic views of the Chugach Mountains. Call and reserve a flight today!

Aircraft Rates per hour (wet)
Cessna 172P (rental) - 160.00/hr   
Cessna 172P (dual) -​  200.00/hr
Champion 7ECA (rental) - 145.00/hr 
Champion 7ECA (dual) - 190.00/hr
BE-76 (dual only) - 380.00/hr                             
Piper PA28R (dual only) - 250.00/hr

Renter Block Time (Cessna 172P) - 1,500.00/10hrs, 2,800.00/20hrs                
​Renter Block Time (Citabria) -           1,350.00/10hrs, 2,500.00/20hrs 

Instruction Rates
Primary Instruction      60.00/hr                     
Advanced Instruction   65.00/hr                      
Tail wheel                     65.00/hr

Private Pilot Course Package  .
Aircraft Cessna 172P (solo) 15 hours 2,100.00
Aircraft Cessna 172P (dual) 35 hours 7,000.00
Ground School (FAA written and materials included)36 hours 700.00 (Optional)
Ground Instruction 36 hours 2160.00 (Optional)

Estimated Total:  With Ground School9800.00    With Individual Instruction only11,260.00  

Instrument Rating Course Package        
FAA Minimum 40 hrs flight:                                      Flight Training Device (FTD) 
Aircraft Cessna 172 (dual) 8,200.00  40 hours          4100.00      20 hours
FTD                                                                            1300.00      20 hours
Ground Instruction                                                        975.00      15 hours 
​Written Test                                                                    165.00

Estimated Total:   Using only C172: 9340.00              Using FTD: 6,540.00

Certified Flight Instructor Course Package                                                                                        
Aircraft Cessna 172 (dual) 2,050.00  10 hours                                                                                                                                                    
Aircraft Piper PA28(dual)   2,450.00  10 hours                                                                                                                                                
Ground Instruction    975.00 15 hours

Estimated Total: 5,475.00                                                                                                                                                                             

Commercial Pilot Single Engine Course Package                                                                 
Aircraft Cessna 172(dual) 2,050.00 10 hours                                                                                                                                               
Aircraft Piper PA28 (dual) 2,550.00  10 hours                                                                                                                                              
Ground Instruction               975.00  15 hours
 *Pricing provides applicant has met required Commercial pilot aeronautical experience*

Estimated Total: 5,575.00                                                                                                                                                                             

Multi-engine add on Package
Aircraft BE 76(dual) 4,560.00 12 hours
Ground Instruction   325.00   5 Hours

Estimated Total: 4,880.00

Tailwheel Endorsement

Aircraft 7ECA(dual) 1,520.00  8 hours
Ground Instruction     195.00  3 hours

Estimated Total: 1,715.00

FAA Knowledge Tests  - Call 907-274-2544 for scheduling

Ground School 

    While there is no official requirement for a ground school under FAR part 61 training requirements, we highly recommend taking a ground school class.  Students are highly encouraged to spend personal time studying in addition to ground school class time, as personal study reduces the time instructors need to spend on additional instruction.  Our private pilot ground school runs 6 weeks, and meets from 6pm to 9pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The cost of the course is $500.  For an additional $200, we sell the Part 61 Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit which includes a flight bag, all necessary textbooks, test supplements, logbook, flight computer, and a flight plotter.  These kits normally retail for around $225.  We also highly recommend that students who are interested in ground school register at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure a space in the class, and we have time to order them a Private Pilot Kit.  The minimum number of students required for a ground school class is 4, and the maximum is 10.

A word on Pricing

    Unfortunately, flying is not an inexpensive hobby.  It is also not a cheap profession to embark upon.  All of our estimates for course deals are based on the amount of time it takes average students to gain the knowledge and proficiency necessary to pass the practical test for a certificate or rating.  In some cases, students may require more instruction than listed for a particular course.  However, students can do a lot to decrease the time it takes to learn by showing up early for lessons, and studying and preparing before lessons.  Students will also have more success if they are able to square away personal and financial issues before they begin training to avoid breaks in training.